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ANIS Group was established by a group of Czech & Israeli business professionals with a goal to introduce the latest and best of technologies from Israel, the “High Tech nation”, to the Czech and central European markets.

Our management team has more than 20 years of multi-national experience in the technology and high-tech industries, in both managerial and execution roles.

Our expertise & business ties cover multitude of verticals in the governmental, public & private sectors; from security, IT, Telco, Finance, Facility Management through Risk Management and Human Factors.

Whether providing Of-the-shelf products or unique tailor-made solutions, at ANIS Group we strive to equip our customers with the best-of-breed business solutions that allow achieving business goals with optimal ROI and lower OPEX.

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Engaging new prospects & leads, developing business ties and maintaining customer relationship.


Establishing project team best suited to plan, execute a maintain a successful project.


Providing local representation of your brand / product / service in the local market.


Assisting with preliminary research of product’s / service potential in the Central European market.


Identification of effective location in terms of transportation, workforce availability, cost, size etc. for your local offices, warehouses or factory.


Establishing new local company, compliance with national laws and regulations, tenders and public procurement assistance and all other standard legal services.


Financial accounting and tax services; from book-keeping to auditing services and tax advice. Also including back-office services like procurement, car fleet management or ICT.

 SMART Cities

We offer “Smart approach to Smart cities”; enabling effective & reasonable smart city initiatives with proven technologies & integration with existing infrastructure.


There can be no mistakes in security, whether it is physical or IT assets, personnel or intellectual property. We help bring the best of Israel’s military and security forces know-how, battle proven technologies, into effective tailor-made solutions.


Helping utilities and infrastructure companies make the leap forward by implementing technologies for better control and operational efficiency, coupled with cost saving operations.


Introducing the latest in IT technology from Israel to help your organization improve its performance and resiliency in today’s fast changing world and increasing cyber risks.

 Facility Management

Allowing FM companies to achieve control and reduce their OPEX from previously untapped loss generators.


Helping conventional industry become a modern, future ready, operation, using best-of-breed technologies; from IoT to production line enhancements.


Emotional Voice Analysis For Call Centers

FRAVA is a revolutionary monitoring solution for call center performance monitoring.

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